Change Your Meal - Change Your Body  1-Hour Session

This is a one-hour one-on-one Information Session via Zoom©. We will review your questionnaire responses and I will provide you with tips for healthy food selection for when you dine in, dine out, or are eating on the go.

A companion ebook is included.

After submitting your questionnaire, within 12 to 24 hours you will receive an email with options to schedule your one-on-one appointment via Zoom©.

IMPORTANT: This Information Session is designed to give you tips that you can apply to your life with the expectation of positive change. This Information Session is NOT a medical consultation. You will need to check with your doctor or medical provider if you have a health condition, take daily medications, or have dietary restrictions.


There are multiple factors that can impact your results. The information you have been given has been effective for people in general, but each individual may have different levels of results. 


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USD 87.00

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